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suicide-by-gun is by far the leading form of gun violence

More than 60% of gun deaths in America are suicides - over 24,000 suicides by gun each year.

Persons who attempt suicide by other methods usually fail and get a second chance. And 90% of those who fail do not go on to die by suicide. 


But suicide attempts by gun result in death about 90% of the time.  These people don't get a second chance.

The rate of suicide-by-gun is twice as high in rural areas than in urban areas.

Overall, states with lax gun laws have higher rates of suicide by gun.

How can suicide-by-gun be prevented?

  • safe storage of guns

  • extreme risk protection orders

  • waiting periods for gun purchases


You can help by urging lawmakers to address the public health crisis of suicide-by-gun by enacting the measures above.


For more on the suicide-by-gun crisis:

From Giffords Law Center - Fact Sheet

From Everytown for Gun Safety - Fact Sheet

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it's time to re-enact an
assault weapons ban

HR 1808 - Assault Weapons Ban of 2022 has passed the US House of Representatives in July. The bill now awaits action in the US Senate.

To learn more about the impact of assault weapons:

From Everytown for Gun Safety - Fact Sheet
From Giffords Law Center - Fact Sheet


Contact your legislators

For your members of the US Congress go HERE (simply enter your zip code in the box to get started).

For your members of the Ohio Legislature go HERE
(your zip code will work here too).

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